My Crystal Chronicle

a record for your gemstone
and crystal treasures.

Chronicle your Crystal treasures

by Olive Moss

An illustrated log to record your Crystal collection details.

Never forget the name of your Crystals, where you got them, their price or whatever details about them are important to you.

This book has a chronicle list, colour-coded chapters and an Index section for easy reference. The pages have an image section to draw or place a photo of your crystals and a note section for each of your crystals in your record so you will always remember everything about your growing crystal collection.

There are over 85 beautiful Crystal photographs by Jill Robb and a charming duplex cover with crystal illustrations, and space to chronicle up to 400 Crystals.


Ready to chronicle your crystals?


A Crystal Notebook will be released
on the 16th of September
A great companion for your chronicle

ISBN: 978-1-925991-22-2